Heart rate monitoring system
for fitness and indoor cycling

Increases efficiency and attractiveness of training

Effective training in cardio zones

Pulse Monitor is a system for controlling heart rate of participants in fitness clubs and indoor cycling studios.

What is Pulse Monitor?

Pulse Monitor is a system for controlling heart rate of participants in fitness clubs and indoor cycling studios. Fitness club instructor has a preview of the current parameters of each participant in the group. This allows for the proper dosage of a given organism load intensity depending on the individual capacity of the lungs, heart, or the current state of fatigue.

The measurement results are displayed on the monitor screen. The practice screen can also be present on the large LCD TV after having it connected to a computer via VGA or HDMI cable.

Heart rate monitor
Spinning class

Real-time preview of parameters

The central point of the system is the Pulse Monitor application that has been run on computer with Windows operating system. The application presents data in real time on a computer monitor, LCD TV or through a projector.

Pulse Monitor allows continuous monitoring up to 30 course participants. Each of the heart rate monitors, put on the participant's chest emits a digital signal that is received by the application using a compatible antenna.

Training analysis

By using the Pulse Monitor trainers gain more perfect knowledge of the physical condition of their clients. They have a real insight into the performance of training participants without the necessity of basing on their feelings. Thanks to they can better plan their training and achieve faster progress.

After the training, each participant can see a summary of classes, including key data of their exercise (training time, average and maximum heart rate, calories burned).


ANT+ Receiver


Any ANT+ HR Monitor


Training kit

The ANT + signals receiver (antenna) with a USB connection and a belt with sensors pulse (heart rate monitors) for the participants are necessary for the functioning of the system.

A list of compatible devices can be found on this page: compatible devices.

What you need to workout with the Pulse Monitor system?

WindowsTM computer

Pulse Monitor install on a desktop computer or laptop with Windows 7 or later. Once installed, you should pair heart rate monitors with the application. More information in the manual.

USB ANT+ receiver

An essential element of the system is a receiver of signals from the individual heart rate monitors. This is a small antenna ANT+, that plugs in a computer's USB port. See shop on-line.

Heart Rate Monitors - pulse sensors

Placed on the participant's chest transmits heart rate data to the receiver and Pulse Monitor system. Any heart rate monitors with ANT+ technology. See shop on-line.

TV or projector

Additionally, you can hook up your computer to a TV or projector with high resolution via HDMI or RGB . This will enhance the attractiveness and convenience of conducting the training.

Your training with heart rate monitor.

If you use the Pulse Monitor system in your club, then reports of your trainings may already be available to you anywhere online. If you have provided your e-mail address when signing up for classes, after setting up an account on the Pulse Monitor site all your reports will be automatically saved in the profile.

You can observe: the history of your training, the level of efficiency during trainings, calories burned, and the course of your training.

Create a Pulse Monitor account

Demo version

You can download and use the application for 30 days completely free of charge.

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In order for the application to work, the antenna is needed – receiver and heart rate monitors that are compatible with ANT + technology.

Intuitive carrying out of trainings


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