Compatible devices

ANT+ Pulse Monitor Application uses technology and ANT+ protocol. This means that every heart rate monitor, regardless of brand, operating in standard ANT+ has the ability to cooperate with the ANT+ antenna and programme.

1) ANT+ USB Stick (Receiver)
Receiver – the ANT+ antenna.
You need 1pc Ant+ USB receiver.
ANT+ USB Stick on eBay

2) ANT+ Heart Rate Belts
Pulsomentr garmin
The amount that you need (from 1 up to 30pcs)
ANT+ Heart Rate monitor belts on eBay
Most modern heart rate belts bear the logo of the ANT+. It is applied by leading manufacturers such as Garmin, Polar, Suunto and Motorola.

ANT+ Devices Directory

What you need to workout with the Pulse Monitor system?

WindowsTM computer

Pulse Monitor install on a desktop computer or laptop with Windows 7 or later. Once installed, you should pair heart rate monitors with the application. More information in the manual.

USB ANT+ receiver

An essential element of the system is a receiver of signals from the individual heart rate monitors. This is a small antenna ANT+, that plugs in a computer's USB port. See shop on-line.

Heart Rate Monitors - pulse sensors

Placed on the participant's chest transmits heart rate data to the receiver and Pulse Monitor system. Any heart rate monitors with ANT+ technology. See shop on-line.

TV or projector

Additionally, you can hook up your computer to a TV or projector with high resolution via HDMI or RGB . This will enhance the attractiveness and convenience of conducting the training.